Innovative Workers Compensation Cost Containment Program Launches in Ohio

Attacking the inefficiencies of a broken process

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It's the "dirty little secret" of the workers' compensation industry: every player in the process makes more money by increasing the employer’s costs. For example, only 40% of all back injury costs to businesses are related to medical expenses. The other 60% go to disability settlements, legal payments, and administrative costs.

Our program attacks these inefficiencies to help prevent avoidable injuries, helping keep employees healthy and substantially reducing employers' costs. This benefits employers by reducing both hard and soft costs, making the workplace safer, increasing employee morale and making workers' compensation costs more predictable.

There are three main components to our program:

  • Data-driven pre-employment testing to screen prospective employees for their ability to perform job tasks Learn More
  • Post-injury involvement with aggressive, employer-centric claims management guaranteed to produce cost savings Learn About Our Guaranteed Savings
  • Post-injury return to work testing to ensure that employees are healthy enough to resume work and avoid re-injury Learn More

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Data-driven technology with more than one million tests to date.

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Objective medical testing that identifies employees likely to get injured.

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An independent and current analysis of cost reduction plans and strategies.

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More than 20 years experience helping control workers' compensation costs.

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