Other Considerations

Utilization of a Third Party Administrator /Service Company

Your commitment and attitude are the most important elements in reducing your costs. If you don’t have access to or are unaware of all the services available, it is difficult to commit to a plan. One of the most important parts of a plan is the selection of the right TPA.

Considerations in selecting a TPA/Servicing Company:

  1. Strategy
    • Is your TPA available to have meetings with your employees to review the employer’s and employees obligation in reporting and handling of claims?
    • Do you have workers’ comp program or someone helping you with claims?
    • Do you find yourself the middleman initiating all the communication between your TPA and your managed care organization?
    • Do you know the real cost of a lost time claim?
  2. Claims
    • Is your TPA proactive or reactive?
    • Are you dealing with your law firm more because they’re more effective than dealing with your TPA?
    • Would you be lost if your claims person was not available?
  3. Cost Containment
    • Does your TPA spot problems and recommend solutions?
    • Is your accident report process as effective as it could be?
    • Do your supervisors understand workers’ comp costs your company?

Out of State Workers Compensation Programs

  • Guaranteed Cost
  • Medical Only Deductible
  • Retrospective Rating
  • Large Loss Deductible
  • Self Insurance

Depending on your current premiums and circumstances, we will tailor a program, utilizing our program and other loss control procedures that will have the most immediate cost reduction impact.

Claims Analysis Software:

  • Verification of your experience modification
  • “What if” modeling
  • Forecasting your experience modification
  • Financial impact of work comp claims
  • Targeting your claim exposures

Due to law changes in Ohio and many of our surrounding states, you may be exposed to both claims cost and penalties just because you or your employees drive through the state on company business. In two of the states, the “All States” policy endorsement is not the answer.

Most reciprocal agreements among states have changed, and each state and situation requires individual attention. We will gladly assist you in making the best decision for you based on your circumstances.