Pre-Employment Testing

Pre-employment testing helps the employer ensure that a candidate is physically fit enough to perform the job he or she is being considered for. This helps identify candidates likely to become injured on the job due to previous injuries or other physiological factors.

Therapist measuring knee range of motion
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We can help analyze or develop job descriptions to ensure the proper scope and amount of testing, or even send a representative to do a job site analysis to determine what should be tested. A job site analysis usually entails filming workers performing job tasks, photographing particular body positions and equipment used to perform job tasks, and physically measuring and weighing objects to make recommendations that could alleviate cumulative trauma and prevent injuries on the job site. Such evaluations are required by ADA law in order to perform post offer/post employment evaluations.

A physical therapy post-offer test involves taking the applicant's medical history, looking at his/her posture, and observing test movements to evaluate flexibility and strength. The applicant is furthermore assessed for neurological signs and specific musculoskeletal abnormalities, and undergoes a functional evaluation involving lifting and job specific testing. With post-offer testing of this nature, it is possible to collect over 40 pieces of objective information related to the applicant's status prior to his or her employment.

Pre-employment testing can help increase your confidence that your employment offer is to a qualified candidate who is not predisposed to becoming injured.

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